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yz250f full exhaust system

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pro cicuit



whats the best one without breaking the bank??????

yoshimura is like the ferrari of exhaust systems, but it breaks the bank (600-1000$) ive been using my fmf 4.1 RCT tailpipe, and an FMF powerbomb header, the header reduces sound output by up to 1.5 decibals, while the tailpipe increases overrev, and reduces sound by 2.0 decibals, that is what im running, and so far, i like it alot. Dr.d is also good, but i would try the FMF :busted: the price for the header is $382.99, and the megabomb header is $314.99, these prices are from rockymountainmc.com, this is just a general idea of what it cost, it could be more or less depending on the place you buy it from. Good luck! :busted:

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procircuit has 20% off right now,that could get you a t-4r for 600 bucks.thats what i would buy.we have used all of the others,and really not alot better than stock.the dr D,was better than the fmf 4.1 on our 09.we also tried a rocket,that was not very good either.im goona try the pro circuit on dutins #433 bike for ax this winter.

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