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Motosportz damper install, 09 SMR510

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I just received my Motosportz damper yesterday and finishe dthe install- it works great, but the instrutions are a little lacking. Here's my addendum to their instructions:

Remove the handlebars, triple clamp, and then remove the bar clamps from the triple.

Then install the Motosportz clamp on your frame neck. I added some blue loc-tite on the screw- snug it, but it doesn't need to be super tight.

Here's the tricky part- you have to first clamp the handlebar to the triple, then install and torque the bar clamp bottom bolts BEFORE you put the triple back on the bike. If you don't do it in that order, the washers will yank the damper clamp off the frame. You must install the bar so the bar clamps don't rotate and end up in the proper position when torqued.


Put the Motosportz damper mount between the bar clamp and triple (stock hardware goes under the damper mount). Torque the bar clamp bolts to 16 ft-lbs.

Remove the handlebars again- now reinstall the triple clamp, and torque the steering stem nut to 61.4 ft-lbs. Then torque the fork clamp nnuts to 19ft-lbs.

Now reinstall the handlebar and upper handlebar clamp- torque to 21 ft-lbs, taking care to keep the clamp piece level (I tightened each bolt little by little- imagine you're doing an intake manifold on a car- keep it level and even).

Now you can put the connecting rod for the damper into the hole on the frame clamp- I put a dab of grease on the shaft below and a dab on the flats up top- it'll wear less and run smoother that way.

Install the damper unit itself so the shaft sits in the center of the slot (it's adjustable forwards/backwards- mine fit well in the full-forwards position. Install and tighten the two damper clamp bolts- you're done!


I also trimmed the gas tank to clear the mount so it can be removed without removing te damper clamp. I used a utility razor knife to cut it- just go slow and shave off bits until it fits- I had to bevel the bottom edge to clear.

The soft/hard label is also reversed on mine- but that's easy enough to figure out!


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I used to own a GPR damper when I had a DRZ400SM- the shaft on the frame clamp was too long, so it would flex horribly if you turned the damping too high- the damper also leaked and was rebuilt (under warranty).

The Motosportz one has a shorter stiffer clamp shaft, and you can run it at full stiffness with no flex or issues. I've only had it a few days, but so far so good. The Motosportz unit is probably 1/2 the weight of the GPR or less.

I also have an Ohlins damper on my R1- 4 years so far and still running strong.


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