High Capacity Fuel Tanks

If anyone knows where to get a 3.4 - 4.0 gal. fuel tank for an 03 WR450 please let me know. I recently spoke with IMS and they told me they haven’t received enough requests for this product to put it into production. If you are interested in such a product please take the time to contact IMS' head of R&D and let him know StephenM@imsproducts.com

No one makes a larger tank, yet. I haven't purchased an IMS tank because the cost/benefit isn't great enough. 3.6gallons, minimum, and I'll buy one.

I'll send an email right now.

I sent an email.I would like a 3.5 or larger tank and would buy it in a heartbeat. :)

Thanks for the update. I cut and pasted the address from the IMS websight but it must have been a typo on there part.

I was at a DS ride in Arkansas this weekend and saw a 3.6 or 3.9 gal fuel tank on a wr450 that looked really good- no wider than my stock one. It used all of the territory down on either side of the motor though. I think it was a Clarke but I'm not positive. I'll call the shop he ordered it through and find out for sure and post their answer. Clarke's website doesn't show it, but that doesn't mean they're not making it yet.

3.6 or 3.9?? I'd love to know who makes that! Clarke only makes a 2.8 for the YZF (phone calls have confirmed that) and IMS only makes a 3.1 for the YZF.

We're ANXIOUSLY awaiting to hear about this!! :):D

BTW, I have received NO response to emails I've sent to IMS. That doesn't suprise me much, though.

3.5 to 4 gallons and I am in too. :D I hope Clarke makes one. :)

I have an Acerbis. 3.8 gal, I think? Too bad, It may have been discontinued. It is as skinny as the YZ tank I had before. I think it's great.


Dickosaurus.....ANY word on this yet??

I'm in for a 3.6 gallon tank too!!! Big Jim.... WR450F which is running great again thanks to MR. James Dean.. :):D

So does anyone know if Clarke is in R&D on the big tank for the WR450? :)

I apologize for the misunderstanding. I too was excited, however, it isn't a Clarke- it was an IMS garden variety, everyday, ordinary, plain jane, no merde 3.1 gal tank. The gentleman riding the bike (owns a bike shop)told me it was either 3.6 or 3.9 gal and to call his parts guy but he thought it was a Clarke. When I called his parts guy he said it was an IMS that held 3.4 or.5 gal. As IMS makes only a 3.1 that's what it's got to be. Damn fine looking tank though and it's got me thinking I want one. Well, after I recover from replacing the radiator($245) I pretzeled on that same DS ride.

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