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Need help with ratio"s

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Hey ive built a go kart using a 2000 Yamaha ttr-125 engine an i want to use a jack-shaft for better placement on the frame an to gain some speed. I was wondering could i use the original 13 tooth to a 28 tooth on jack-shaft than the secondary jack-shaft sprocket being a 10 going to the axle a 28 tooth? :busted::bonk::lol::busted:

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I built a cart with a YZ 125 motor on it and that was the toughest thing to do, get the gear ratios right to get more top speed.

When I first got it done and tested it out, it had a lot of snap but no top speed at all. I tried going to the biggest front sprocket and the smallest rear sprocket I could and even tried having custom sprockets made!

After all of that and going back and forth, to get the top speed I needed I had to change the gearbox internally, I used the gearbox off a "cart" 125 motor.

Good luck and have fun, I know riding mine is a blast!

All the best,


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