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Carrying tools

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I usually ride in the forest on pretty technical trails. If my bike breaks down or flat tire, the hike back to the truck would probably take a few hours. I'd like to carry some tools, like tire iron, pump, wrenches, patches, tubes, etc, and even some food and water just in case there's not enough daylight and have to sleep by the bike overnight. I really don't want to add racks. They're heavy. How would you carry tools, food, and water?

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I like the quality and funtionality of MSR and Ogio packs. I use an Ogio 450 for tools and a MSR Roost pack for small items that I want quick access.



Dirt Rider review of the Ogio


For long rides I also add a Cargo Endurance rucksack, lots of expandable room.


Do some search on TT, also visit some bike shops. I found the best selection at Cycle Gear.

As far as what to carry the problem is deciding the risk of needing a tool and the weight of packing it. So do an risk assessment for each item; risk of failure, impact of failure to the trip, and the weight of packing repair parts and tools. A few examples: I hate doing tire repairs on the trail and can usually ride out at reduced speeds with a flat, small risk so I usually don't carry tire tools. Put bark busters on the bike and you won't need to carry levers. I can't hike very far in MX boots so for long trips I would carry hiking shoes. I use clip master links rather than press on because some power train problems require splitting the chain and I don't want to pack the heavy press link chain tools.

Motion Pro has some nice light weight tools suitable for packing.

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