2000 yz426f wont start but backfires through carb

Yes it is the woodruff key. The Tdc marks and actual Tdc don't line up. As of now without the puller I have not seen the key. As in it's not there at all. Wanted to get the puller and see before I said that out loud:/ I also notIced that starter nut was loose enough I broke it Loose with engine cOmpression so that might have been an issue as well. I will update tonight if the puller makes it in. Thanks guys, your help is awesome

What happens a lot is when peeps are installing the rotor, its not lined up properly and pushes the key out the backside, if that's the case, hopefully it did not tear up the stator or the inside of the rotor. Let us know what you find and post pics.

Got the puller. The woodruff key was stuck to the inside of the rotor. A little plastic was broke on the starter. Only on one corner of one coil. No actual damage to anything other than the plastic. Everything looks like it is in good operation. The old key Is a little miss shappen so I ordered a new one. Looks like gotta wait another week.

Was taking pictures to post and actually notice a small piece of metal inside the crank. The woodruff key did sheer. When I post pictures online I will add the links. Pictures show crank, starter coil, and one of key.


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