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Carburator yz450f o7

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I'm putting new jets in.

For the main and pilot you can access them by removing the bowl drain. You just need a very short and small flat head screw driver for the pilot. I use a cheap pocket screwdriver that I cut down:


For the main you need a 6mm socket. A small mirror helps also. For the needle I usually remove the tank and seat and get at it through the top. Probably a little over kill but it saves a lot of cussing.

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Main jets are pretty easy. Unscrew the big 17mm plug on the bottom of the bowl and go up into it with a socket. Be sure you are turning the right way (the jet is a normal right hand thread, but being upside down throws people off) and don't over tighten.

The pilot CAN be done with the carb in place, but it's a job for someone with well developed skills. Here's how:


If that looks too tough, remove the carb. (more in a minute)

For the needle, pull the tank and remove the top motor mounts.

Removing the carb is more complicated that I'd like, but it's not difficult if you do it right, just a lot of stuff to move around.

  1. Remove the seat
  2. Remove the tank
  3. Remove the top motor mounts
  4. Remove the side number plates
  5. Remove the muffler
  6. Remove the 4 bolts holding the air box to the sub frame (I'll explain why)
  7. Remove the sub frame, sliding it back off the air box
  8. Loosen the clamp on the air boot at the carb and remove the air box
  9. With the bike on a stand, place a block under the rear wheel to hold it from dropping too far and remove at least the top shock bolt
  10. Then Remove the carb

Here's why I separate the air box from the sub frame: With the shock where it is, trying to install the complete sub frame and air box, getting the boot on the carb and lining all that up at once is too much of a PITA. But you can very easily stick the air box in place by itself, and clamp it on the carb, sliding the sub back in place as a separate operation. Makes thing much simpler.

Here's a link to a manual:



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