insurance on a dirt bike? Please read

hey everyone whats up. i need your help with this. ive recently tried to get aloan for a dirt bike, everythings going ok and i will get the loan for my yz426. BUT we've stumbled a little bit here. the bank wont give it to me yet. because they said im going to need insurance for my dirt bike. thats right insurance. i dont understand it one bit. why would i have to pay $100extra each month on something that will NOT go on the road. that is made for the dirt. its not like if i wreck my bike into someone that their going to fix it. anyone else ever had this problem?

I have insurance on my 426.. 300 canadian / year. I live in Ontario.. it's through State Farm.

The reason they want this they tell me is because it has a vin ... it's an insurable vehicle.. and if it falls of the trailer or gets stolen out of your garage.. it's not covered, cuz it has a vin. It need it's own insurance.. Not for the road at all.. just like fire and theft.

It's registered with the ministry also, and they gave me a plate.. but that sure as hell ain't going on :) police will be able to track me down then



Hey MotoMan,

I was in the same situation when I bought my new 01 426. The dealer I bought the bike from in Colorado set me up with an insurance company and I only pay about $150 for a year for what is off-road insurance. I do not mind paying for it either since it will cover theft, falling of a trailer, fire and all those other things that will take you bike away. I would recommend checking with your local dealer....they should have the know how and who to contact. If you do not get an answer by next Wednesday when I get back in town I will let you know the name of the insurance company - I am pretty positive that they are nation wide.


I got theft only insurance on my bike from PowerSports when I purchased it ( It was $300 for 3 years or $400 for 5 years; if not found in 30 days they write me a cheque (sp?) for $5000. Not the full price, but better than nothing. I'm pretty sure that PowerSports has a real insurance company underwriting the policies for them so maybe you can find out who it is and get insurance through them if they will do it for you and if this is enough for the bank. Unfortunately the insurance form that I got doesn't have anything other than powersports name on it so I'm not sure who the underwriters are. I'm guessing it's progressive (see There may also be a powersports dealer near you who can beat your current price offering (are you in Florida?). I hope that this helps.

Same here. I had to get insurance when I first got my bike since I borrowed the money. When I paid it off, I decided to keep it just in case of theft or damage, say from rolling my truck or something.

There's also the consideration that since many of us ride in state parks, that we could be sued if we ran into somebody or something (say a parked vehicle). If you really hurt someone, or did a lot of damage, you could be liable for a fair amount of change.

$100 a month seems a bit pricey. Shop around.


MotoMan, I learned the hard way about bike insurance. Had a new '92 CR 250 stolen out of my garage and found out that homeowner insurance does not cover motorized vehicles/dirt bikes.

Ever since I carry minimum coverage but always comprehensive to cover theft.

My current policy for minimum liability, $100 deductible comp. costs $106.20 a year.

It's with GuideOne Ins. purchased through a local broker (Berglund Ins.).

Shop around, Allstate has some great rates but I think the bike has to be street licensed.

<font color="navy">If you don't want to have to have insurance on your bike, you should just take a loan out for "personal use." If they don't know what your buying, they can't make you get the insurance. That's how it worked out when I got my bike.

Just my 2cents



I use progressive full coverage. I think it was 250 a year.

Here in So. California, bikes are frequently stolen out of the pits, when you stop for something to eat, (the rat bastards will steal your whole truck and trailer), the dealership or out of your home garage or back yard.

Theft insurance is cheap, about $100.00 a year. That is about $8.00 per month. I can waste more than that in about 10 seconds at my local nudie bar. :)


american family, $105 a year, cheap and worth it, covers theft, falling off trailer, etc. mike


I dual-sported my YZ250F (easy to do in Colorado), and got insurance through Progressive for $128 a year! Dual-sported or not, checkout Progressive, they have been motorcycle friendly for as long as I can remember.



'01 YZ250F, Renthal bars; Scotts steering damper; Cycra Pro-Bend Triple Clamp hand guards; Works frame guards; Devol skid plate, rad guards & rear disk guard; MX Des Nations decals; GYT-R 3.2g tank; Eline 200w stator; Baja Designs HID headlight; AMA & COHVCO member

State Farm in Florida, 99 WR400, comprehensive coverage (fire, theft, vandalism, etc.) and liability, $7/month.


Is there a deductable on that? Also do they pay replacement cost, purchase price or blue book value? $7/mo is great!

$250 deductible, and they pay current value of the bike, as far as I know. Basically, like any insurance, it's peace of mind knowing that I won't be completely screwed if the bike gets stolen. I didn't have to get insurance, since I financed my bike as a personal loan, like teamtoxic suggested. But if I'm out somewhere and it gets stolen while I'm eating lunch or ovenight at a race or dual sport event, at least I'll get some compensation. Keep in mind that price does not include collision or PIP. (No PIP is available in Florida for motorcycles.) And I also have my homeowners policy and three other vehicles insured with State Farm, so I get discount.

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State Farm in CA around 120 per year $50.00 deductable. Get it its worth the peace of mind.


Fly High!

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