Would you ......

....buy a used 2003 wr450f for $5500 (100miles , all mods), or shell out the extra bucks and get the '04?

:) $900 doesn't seem that much more, for a new bike. I can do the mod's myself....no "woodruff key" issue.

$5500 is a lot off list price for a new bike, but too high for a used one, based on my experience. I bought my '03 WR450 last month brand new for $5550 tax and all, out the door in Birmingham, AL. I'm not sure where you live. Maybe they are selling closer to list price there. Either way you'll have a great bike you'll love.

Is Yamaha still doing 0% money on the new 450? That might be something to consider. :)

What do you think a used 03 bike,(with 150miles, mods,few scratches) should go for?

I'm thinking $4600 to $4800.

Is there any one out there in the market for a new/used/03/04? What are you paying. I'm trying to get and idea of $'s b4 I hit the dealerships. :)


One other thing to consider, you buy new and you've got the additional cost of tax, shipping, and dealer handling. Make sure you get all of your facts together so you can make an educated decision. :)

I've always bought used bikes....because of the extra costs involved (ship,tax,etc.). I'm seriously considering both options at the moment. :)

I bought mine used with 180 miles on it in May for $5000. Bike was almost immaculate and came with hanguards. So, to answer your question, $5500 for a used bike at the end of its year production run does seem a little high.


That's what I was thinking.

Thanks, I'm either going to try and get it around $4600 or go with a '04.

I bought my 01 WR426 in 2001 with 150 miles on it and a bunch of extras for $4900. I think $5500 is too high.

I think the MSRP is a little high on the 450's. It's a awesome bike, but for $6400 +tax+setup+etc. :)

Dealer invoice is about ~$4750.

$5800 - $5900 + TTL should be a good deal for both parties.

What are you guy's paying?

Buy the 03 you may get lucky and have a good flywheel fit. If not it is easy and free to fix. :)

Is anyone going to by the '04?

What are you guy's paying? :)

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