Baja 1000

Hey all, When is the Baha 1000 ?

Is it on TV?

Will the 650R win Again? :D:)

Hey all, When is the Baha 1000?

November 20th - 23rd

Is it on TV?

I doubt it will be live, but their might be a channel or two that might feature a few minutes of choice coverge at some point in the future. usually has live updates on these races, so check out their web site for more details when the race is on. It also sounds like TT will be doing live updates as well based on reading the following info

Will the 650R win Again? :):D

The 650 will probably win, but KTM is going to be south of the border as well...Paul Krause, Larry Roesler and Scott Harden will be waving the Orange and Black and although they are older guys and presumably on a bike thats more Dakar than Baja, they do have more Baja wins than Johnny and Steve...for sure KTM will have a lot of support out there. Including fast younger guys following the older dudes advice...After winning the 300 could Joey Lanza pass it up??hmmm- i think i am going to email him and ask! Plus-- remeber its going to be a fairly technical course this time, favoring the 525 in some sections--or at least minimizing the 650's 115mph potential...I have been told that Austria is pushing for a KTM presense in Baja--I have a feeling this will be the closest 1000 in a number of years! :)


joey is racing the 1000 this year? who is he partnering with? caselli?

i'm still waiting to see lr and or krause out in lucerne one of these week days testing with the big dakar ktm. they are supposed to have it on display this weekend at the viewfinders gp in ridgecrest.

It would be cool to see Kawasaki, KTM, and Honda race the 1000. The KX 500, KTM 525 or 625, and XR 650 now that would be a good race!

I'm working with the KTM guys for the 1000 so i know a little...

The factory KTM being raced is a 950 twin. It's completely a factory built by hand (in Austria) bike. It's one of 5 in the world and the only one in the US.

LR will start, then Harden, Casey McCoy third, and Krause last.

They are realistic, the bike is too big and heavy to win on this tight of a course. There's not a lot of sections this year where 140 will be possible (last year wouldda been a good course for the 950).

They are doing the race for some exposure and for the 3 Dakar guys (Krause, LR, McCoy) to get some real time on the bike.

Currently there are no plans for another team KTM bike at this 1000. Really, they are so busy getting ready for going to Tunisia a couple days after the 1000, plus rally training, the 1000, and other commitments there just isn't time or manpower to commit to more of an effort at the 1000 (multiple bikes).

We'll have a presence at the 1000 but when you have a one off bike with limited spares, that will go over 200 miles on a tank of gas, you just don't need a lot of support.

Everyone is welcome to come by the San Nicholas in Ensenada where we'll have the bike on display a couple days before the 1000. You gotta see it, it's beautiful.

As for TV coverage for the 1000, sure there will be some a month or so after the race but it will only be unlimited trucks and pro trucks,,, no bike coverage as usual.

And Kawi getting back into Baja is a super fart stretch at this point. It aint gonna happen.

Tim Morton

so is casey mcoy the third dakar rider? i didn't know they found the third guy.

who is casey mccoy? what's his background? bitd? score? where's he from?

Interesting...thanks for the info Tim!..I cant wait to see that beastly 950 at the San Nic!!!!

Harden told me they were going to run the 950 and a smaller bike (presumably the 660?)-- but plans change. I've been told KTM Mexico is racing a bike as well.

Chris Haines told me theres a very serious Sweedish team coming over--including the famous PJ. Plus i got an email from Annie-the Dakar Princess- yesterday--she is trying to get Sal to open a Ironwoman class for her!

I need one more over 40 guy for my class 40 team. Anyone know of any smokin fast over 40 baja dudes?



Yes Casey is the 3rd Dakar guy.

Casey McCoy is from CA, maybe the Mammoth area. I know his family has a LOT to do with the Mammoth ski place (I don't ski so i couldn't tell you what exactly).

It is likely he has more experience than any other US rider (either him or J.Lewis) with Rallies, gps navigation, roadbooks. Casey has raced the Austraian Safari a few times as well as the Nevada Rallies.

He's totally a solid guy.

Maybe Scott was meaning they'd have the multiple bikes at Dakar. Over there they'll run a couple 660's and the one 950.

PG Lundmark, excellent he's coming over. Very fast guy.

IronD.-check your PM for a possible rider.



(Off the subject)

It's John Jensen...

I'm checking the web domain we talked about at Mike's.... I'll let ya know what I find. So far it's not released yet.

I'll update when I know.

BTW, Nice to see your on here!!


thanks tim.

hmm, mccoy, and from mammoth. i wonder if he's related to one of my ski heros growing up: davey mccoy. i bet he is since davey was a mammoth local and most of the movie footage of him was usually at mammoth.

yeah, i thought i heard a rumor that lanza and caselli were supposed to run one of the smaller ktms in the 1000 this year as well. can't remember who told me but oh well.

hey irondude, funny you mention the swedes. danny, the new guy at the honda rider ed. center was just telling me last night that he's gonna pit a bunch of swedes with haines at the 1000. he said they were a fun bunch and pretty hardcore for not having any dez in their part of the world. i'm thinking about pitting for them so i can get some baja time.

If anyone is looking to buy an IMS 3.2 dry brake tank with a dry brake receiver for their XR650R, I'm going to sell a used one in good condition for $150 for both the tank & receiver. The IMS tank new is $225 and the dry brake receiver is another $199, but you can buy these through places like Baja Designs for $199 each. Send me a PM if interested.

Baja 1000 fans....Just got back from 4 days riding Baja--couldnt help but ride on the course for a couple hundred miles...its about 90% marked--and theres guys down there pre-running already!!!Its hard NOT to run into the course at some point down there... Ran into SCORE/Sal Fish and got a low down on the lay out of the course. Ensenada-Valle T-Mikes Loop (new version)-Coast Run-Coast south to Punta Prieta area-inland towards Catavina-Chapalla-Coco's-Gonzaga-Felipe-Ensenada.

Its an 800 mile course! According to Bruce Ogilvie-20% of the course has never been raced! (?)

SO anyway- its going to be a tough race with plenty of time along the foggy pacific coast (mile 300- mile 450).

I am still looking for 2 over 40 year olds and 1-2 over 30 year olds (two teams) - if you are smokin fast....send me a pm.



ps--thanks Tim (again!)

What is a J.Lewis?

What is a J.Lewis?

1) an overweight comedian big in France

2) One smokin fast Dakar vet on a BMW...

Yep, he did lame movies and telethons...

Hi Bob!

(irondude, don't fall for it!)

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