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A snowy day at Juniper Dunes

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Had a Breakfast meet/ride today. We grouped up at Uncle Sam's Saloon in Kennewick, had a great breakfast and headed out in the snow to Juniper Dunes for some great riding :thumb:

Perry and Alan had the kids sized chicken fried steak :lol::



It was lightly snowing when we unloaded the bikes and headed into the dunes.



Out in the scrub


Tanner had a little issue coming down a sand hill....the tumbleweeds at the bottom were a little deeper than expected :jack:


Dad to the rescue!





Andy heading back to the group





We all stopped to group back up. Mamacone and YamWOW! was back behind us some where. YamWOW! went cruising by the group as we sat there, he didn't see us as he was concentrating on getting back to the truck. I left the group to catch up with him. Why was he concentrating on getting back to the truck you say? Well.....

YamWOW! Misjudged his fuel supply a tad and was trying to make it back before he ran out completely.....to late :shog: Luckily we had a water bottle so we could empty it out and transfer some fuel from my bike to his bike.




While we were transferring the fuel the rest of the group pass by us a couple dunes over, they were heading back to the trucks. The snow was coming down hard as YamWOW! and I headed off to the trucks ourselves.

Upon arriving at the trucks we all realized that Mamacone was missing in action, both groups had assumed he was with the other group :baldy: . A rescue party was quickly formed and just before they headed out Alan called my phone and said he wasn't sure where he was and he was running out of fuel :Doah: . We weren't sure where he was either but he wasn't hurt so Novacaine and Andy headed out to catch up with Alan.

Took this shot of Novacaine's bike before he headed back out in the search party.


Continued Below.....

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We waited while they located Alan, time to load up the bikes and get warmed up. :thumb:






Relaytech waiting for the group to return


Pretty soon we got the call that Alan had been found and they were on the way back to the trucks :bananna:

Here they come!







Had a great time!


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Looks like fun. I see two bikes with whips. What's the requirement out there for whips?

Yep, and spark arrestors . Great pics, have good snow rides out there and bad ones. Broke my femur out there in jan 08 , almost froze to death....not so good...:lol: I still go out there year around as long as theres less than 6 inches of snow...and i have a riding partner:busted:

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Very nice. Me and my buddy went out there from Coeur D'alene ID for the first time about 2 months and loved it. Juniper is by far my fav place to ride, so far. Cool pics..

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Hodakaguy-thanks for sharing the pics. Looks great!

May I ask, where did you get those skins for your BB's? That's exactly what I think I need this time of year, along with grip warmers. What brand are they?

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Hey, thats me in the black hoodie in the second picture! Eggs benedict!

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