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Dipped beam help 650R

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Back in July the 650 passed it's MOT but I struggled with the tester to get the headlight beam correct. Now my bike has a stock standard headlight same as the XR250R & XR400R etc...the headlight was right way up...TOP @ the top writing on the lens correct etc she had a new bulb and wired correcty....only 3 wires green blue and white.

Anyways to cut a long story short the only way we could get it through the test was to turn the headlight upside down....the bulb has differnent size tabs on so will only go into the holder 1 way. Cannot for the life of me work out why, the bulb holder locates into the headlight with a single tab, so that cannot go in wrong ?.

I don't think they make a headlight buld SE12V 35/35 with the location pins reversed so what is going wrong ?.

Looking at the bulb you can see the dipped beam is pointing upwards and the small plate which is supposed to cut the light beam to stop it dazzling others is below the filament not above ?. When I got home I altered the bulb to make the large tab the same size as the smaller tab and simply reveresed the bulb...all has been well till yeterday when the bulb went.

So I thought lets work out what is wrong so here are some pictures, cannot find any pictures online showing a stock headlights rear or the actual bulb holder.

Here is my buld you can see the small tab is on the dipped beam side


If anyone has a similar bulb lying about and can check the size of the tab sticking out against my bulb it would be appreciated....my small tab is showing on the picture and you can see the dipped beam has blown.

Here is the holder which can only go in 1 way...?.


So for the dipped beam to shine downwards the smallest bulb tab needs to be at the bottom not the top as my bulb holder ?, confusing as either the bulb is wrong which means all the ones I am looking at are wrong or the bulb holder isn't the stock 1 for this lens ?.

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