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FX 450 Gearing, Sprockets

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Has anyone with a 2010 FX450 found "the perfect" sprocket set up for low speed technical single track, that doesn't sacrifice too much top speed?

The stock is 13/52 and is good for most anything, but last weekend I got caught on a gnarly vertical hill climb and did the impossible, stalled my Rekluse EXP.:) - Blipping over vertical rock face and landing to a complete stop were involved, so I'm not blaming the EXP, rather it made me think I need to change a sprocket. (or remember I can still use the clutch, damn it! :lol: )

Anyway, I've purchased the 12T primary, going to start experimenting. But thinking I don't want to end up with another wall of brand new sprockets (all different sizes) like my other bikes in the past.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated - Thank you

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The Original poster has an FX 450 which has a close ratio transmission and a much taller first gear than the FE. I also have an FX currently running 13/53 and I have also considered getting a 12T for the front. I have not tried one yet so I cannot comment but would be very interested in what people think of different gear set-ups on the FX. I ride lots of slow technical stuff and don't plan a recluse for this bike.

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Finally got to test the 12/52 combo on 2010 FX450. I'm very happy with results! I feel it’s made the 1st gear more user friendly over slow technical sections. It also tightens up the spacing between gears, making it behave more like a 2-stroke trans/power delivery. It almost felt like I wasn't up-shifting it’s so tight. Good news; it didn't make the 1st gear painfully slower. You still have plenty of pull/accel before needing to shift in technical sections.

The way the bike pulls in all other gears was also affected (of course). Instead of always riding in that deep "bottom-end" endless tractor torque (which is not a compliant), you seem to ride more in the mid to top of power band, making it now feel closer to a "normal" 450 MXer. Once I got accustom to the feeling, I explored new riding techniques with bike.

Which FX450's should try this?

1. If you spend most of your time single tracking or rock crawling technical sections.

2. I also believe any FX450er that spends a lot of time at the track would appreciate the affects

Which FX450's may not like?

1. If you spend most of your time on jeep trails and fire roads. You have to shift more and loose that "FX525" feeling.

2. Anyone that has legalized, and dual sporting the FX450. Same reasons.

I plan on changing the primary between 12T and 13T as my rides need. I believe both set ups give large benefits. I hope this is useful info. Thank you!:bonk:

PS: If you plan on trying, you'll need to remove some links from standard chain.

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