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B!K- 1802 story. (UTV- not a bike but a great story)

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Awesome story of perseverance. Reading all the post's urging them on was fantastic and more than once felt those damn allergies kicking in :)

The best feel good story I've heard in quite a while. The offroad community is tops. :lol:

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I absolutely love this story.

Human interest.

Dezert racing interest.

Just plain interesting.

Brings me back to remember why we race these races.

When you live a lifetime in one race...you understand.

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What an incredible story.. Inspirational and just plain rad. Cheers to the 1802 & #7 teams for sticking it out. FYI- the 1802 has website and Facebook pages with the background on their motivation. Once you read that and understand the lengths they went thru to finish...wow...yeah, those damn allergies! Check it out at baja1000fundraiser.com

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MAG7 Pit #3 at Laguna Salada was UTV headquarters startng late on Friday night....

We were pitting Nicola Dutto in the 1805 car...who is also a paraplegic. Very inspirational to watch him run. Then Jared Willardsen - from the Nitro Circus crew pulled in - both rear axles gone. Got him going after about an hour in the pits and then we pitted Nicola and his beautiful Italian co-driver....:lol:

..it was like UTV wasteland out there Friday night.... We had three of the UTV entries held up with us for a while.

In the am around 10'ish - Caught Greg Godfrey, another one of the Nitro Circus Razor entries...on our way off Salada...Greg's the guy that SOLO'd with Travis Pastrana at the B1K back in 2007. Greg's rig had a broken right front... Popped on a new steering box, linkages...weld this and that, and off they went. Those guys had quite an adventure...


Link on race dez---I'll get you guys tons of pics from the lake bed here soon. Just pulled in from San Felipe... Had an epic time down there.







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