Aftermarket Fuel Tank

My 05 Fuel tank, has been leaking at the filler hole. I have substituted the fuel cap from my 07 WR250, but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference so I am looking to replace the tank with an aftermarket with slightly more capacity. Acerbis, IMS and Clarke all make models for this bike. Some require different shrouds and or seat from a YZ, and of course they differ in price and quality. Some use old hardware while others include it. Just looking for some recommendations. Thanks Ron

'06WR, IMS 3.1 (I think), happy.

08 450 with clarke 14L

no complaints, it uses all the stock bodywork

Elected to go with the IMS 3.1 Transparent. They are a bit more expensive, but not much more than just about anything these days. I had a Clark on my XR650L and it was a good tank. If that bike ever needed something it wasn't more weight high up. I've seen reviews some positive other not so good, but I'm tired of getting my crotch soaked with gas, wife doesn't need any more excuses, and think I've eliminated the cap as the culprit. Thanks for all your input. Ron

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