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ttr 125 diagram of rear

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I just got a TTR 125 14 inch wheel bike from a friend. The rear wheel was off and spokes broke.

I have rear wheel re-laced and am trying to put it all back together but it seems some parts are missing. Chain Tightner, brake rod nut, spacer on brake side etc.

Does anyone know where i can find a diagram that shows the entire rear end? Some of the parts stores online show the rear wheel, axle etc but it doesnt show the parts for the brake rod end, the chain tightners etc.

thanks for any help!


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Rear wheel. The chain tighteners you are talking about are called chain pullers Items 30 and 31


stand foot rest , includes the brake linkage parts. Pretty dumb place for it.


Between these two diagrams, it looks like all the parts are show. You didn't mention the year of your bike so I looked at the year of my bike since I am familiar with all those parts. Good luck.

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