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hybrid track

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I started building just trails this summer and found out how easy it is to just uncover old skid trails from logging (where we drag logs out). Where our property is the soil is very rich and moist near perfect for riding conditions. we have 80 acres but our family combined is somthing around 300 acres and im able to ride all over the family property and we're actually looking to buy more. Basically what i've done is opened skid trails and after branches/rocks are removed you have an 8 foot wide high speed trail. My plans are to add jumps into these Skid trails then have them become downsized into just a usual trail leading to another section of skid trails/jumps.Also going to throw in some single track for dirtbikes. Has anyone else built somthing like this or a track in general? im looking to put in some small jumps and table tops would be cool too, my main problem is bringing dirt in would be a big project or if i should just dig it. I'm basically looking for jump building advice and general input on my idea. Thanks guys! sort of GNCC style but with some smaller MX style jumps.

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