Yam#for service reps

800-962-7926 have vin# ready and be prepared to wait on hold about twenty minutes. Let's get those calls going about these dangerous cracking tanks(see cracked tank post). Any 426 lawyers out there? Yamaha needs pressure for a recall!

thanks for the #. lets get yamaha going on fixing this problem!

Where are these tanks failing? My '00 hasn't failed . . . yet. Is there an obvious design flaw?

YES! Just above right radiator shroud bolt hole, in or along the crease. Also several are failing at the bottom rear where it sits on the frame. MY theory, in 2000 Yammy made them to thin as they tried to shave weight. 2000 and early 2001 seem to be the most problematic. The 98/99 were thicker and I'm unsure if Yamaha has correcred this or not. They have got to be aware of the problem but will not admit any fault. My bike is 18 months old with less than 100 hrs. when failure occured


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