Is my clutch cover cracked, pic attached

I recently noticed what looks like A possible crack in my clutch cover. It looks pretty clean too so maybe it's always been there and is part of the casting.

2004 wr450f



Don't see what you are referring to.

If it was cracked, it would LEAK OIL.

That's normal. No crack. Maniac

Just a casting mold line. Mine is the same as is everyone else's...I would assume.

Both of my yzf/wrf 4 strokes had that same casting no big deal.

good to know. thanks guys.

guess i'm just being paranoid about it, but i pitch it on the ground so often i'm always wondering.

I almost crapped myself the first time I saw that line... less than a month after I bought the bike. Imagine how dumb I would have looked if I brought it back to the guy waving my fist in the air and yelling obscenities.... :lol:

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