2011 YZ450 High Altitude Starting question

Replaced my 08 YZ450 with an 11 a couple of weeks ago. Loving the bike so far, I loved my 08 but the 11 is way better in lots of ways. I also got the programing computer and did the MXA soft map. Makes the power way more usable. The one problem I'm having is starting is not as good as I had hoped for. I'm at 5500 feet and was wondering if changing any of the mapping would help with this. Low rpm fuel maybe? Thanks in advance guys.

The bike can be difficult to start until you get the technique down. Altitude doesn't have any effect. Changing the mapping won't help either as the GYTR tool doesn't change starting a/f ratio.

Idle needs to be correct 2200 rpm use tuner to set

cold engine: pull cold start knob, kick slowly about 5 (maybe more in colder temps) times to charge capacitor then proceed to start as normal. Should fire up rather easily. (seems kinda of picky on how hard a fast you kick as well)

warm engine: Will hardly ever start in gear unless you get it on first kick. So find N, crack throttly slightly kick as normal should fire right up.

I feel the starting a/f ratio, well the entire curve is too rich causing some hot starting troubles and easy flooding. But once you get used to it, its not so bad

Very cool, thanks Tech.

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