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2010 honda cr450 vs 2011 yz450

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well i can tell u i have my 09 crf450 and road my friends '10 yzf450.

each has their good and bad points heres my short list of what i would say.

09 CRF: good

very very nimble and light off and on the stand on the ground and air

pretty decent brakes for me

love the bottom to mid

love the ergos for my 5'8" frame 185ish lbs

great bottoming resistence

i paid 5244 otd new


stock the front springs needed replaced asap

typical midstroke honda harshness

top end is rather flat

stock front tire sucked

when cold takes a min to start

10 YZF450: good

nice power throughout, but was kinda cheated since he had a slipon

programmer is pretty easy to use if u get one

midstroke is nice and plush and has a typical yammie suspension

starts pretty easily hot or cold


the thing feels like a tank on the stand, although no where near as bad in teh corners and in the air, u still notice its much bigger/heavier then the crf

buddy paid 8g's for his

still has a push in the corners, no where near as bad as the previous frames but i still didnt care for it


although the yzf is a nice machine, im def. glad i bought my crf hands down over it, even if there wasnt the 3g pay difference...now, im not a clutch abuser that may be a factor for u, but then again honda gives better deals more often so for the few bads u could easily take the extra cash u saved from not buying a yzf and make the crf a even better bike then the yzf

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I Had a 2009 CRF and currently have a 11 and a 12, but in between i had a 11 YZ.

I like the smoothness of the Honda over the more powerful arm yanking power of the YZ. My Hondas took me a little more to dial in my personal settings with suspension and handling stuff but when i get them where i like them, i am faster on the CRF. just me personal experience.

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The years are reversed for what you want but should still apply. First off I'm PO'd at Yamahas now because my 2010 YZ450 transmission just failed me and fifth gear came apart pretty much deystroying the rest of the gears and few other parts along the way. Third Yami transmission I've had to this, 03, 06 and now 10. So I went out and bought an 11 CRF450.

The stock suspension on the YZ is quite a bit better IMO, all around less harsh to me and just seems to soak up things better. The other thing is that little detail things seem better on the YZ. The design of the CRF throttle housing is more complicated than the YZ and is just more difficult to deal with than the YZ, not crazy but just annoying. Even with the new intake design, the YZ air filter is easier to deal with than the CRF. The CRF is tight and awkward it seems to me. Again small annoyance, but the chain adjusters on the swing arm is a tight area and always seems the nut is in the wrong position (because the area is smaller) to get the wrench on it easily. The YZ is wide open in this area and easy to work on. Again, not a big deal but just something I noticed going from the YZ to CRF. Also, couldn't Honda design the oil filter setup without the spring? Again slightly annoying......On the other hand, the YZ oil filter setup is simple and easy.

I do like the way the CRF sits and how it feels. The YZ is bulky. The CRF is lighter and I like that as it does seem easier to move around in some ways. My CRF has a bog off idle which I haven't fixed yet and that's annoying as well. THe YZ ran great (ha, until the tranny blew up) and never had a bog or hiccup. THe YZ mapping unit is easy and nice to work with. I don't have the CRF one you can get but don't know how that compares to what you can do with the YZ one.

They are both good bikes and if wasn't for the crappy Yami transmission, I probably would still stay with Yamaha, but since it is crap, I now have a Honda and its a good bike.

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