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XR600R 40MM FCR from 08 CRF250R Jetting

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Hey everyone. Been beat to death I know, although I've thoughoughly searched this forumn as well as others for information. Just a quick confirmation would be great... or any possible suggestions. I'm running the LAB2V in a few days and I want my jetting to be spot on. Don't want a lean condition for a 400 mi ride. I understand jetting is different for each bike, although I want a good starting off point and with the gas out there today I don't really trust plug checks.

99 XR600R

Opened earlier year intake manifold

FMF power bomb and Q4

Freashly rebuilt (all bearing top and bottom end, head reworked by XR's only with new KW intake valves, 1st bore over on stock oversized piston)

I run CA desert mostly (live in Oceanside... So cal on the coast). The bike is plated so I could go other places on rides, but usual elevation is 0-2K feet.

Carb is a 40MM FCR from an 08 CRF250R.

Jetting that I have to try with (I am thinking of running the ones in bold):

Main air - Fixed... 200 I believe

Slow air - 100

Main jet - 160, 165, 170, 175, 180, 185

Slow jet - 68

Piolet jet - 42, 45, 48, 50

Needle - NCYR, OBDVR

Leak jet - 70

Already have an extended fuel screw and cleaned the carb... just need a jetting confirmation before I run the bike.

NOSS adapter of course and I plan on running the CRF throttle assembly.

I was going to cut the TPS cables. This was done on the TT FCR I had for my old DRZ.

Should I run the hot start?

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Right on. Thanks for the reply! I'll go ahead and put it in with what I have and adjust from there. Just wanted to make sure I was at a good starting point.

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