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KDX gears

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Just when I'd almost gotten myself talked out of wanting to build a KDX hybrid, I had to go and put the gear ratios in a spreadsheet and compare them to YZ, WR and Blaster. It becomes obvious that the magic of the KDX is in its transmission.

Other bikes are lighter, more modern, with better suspension (maybe with some tuning to dial them in for woods). Other engines can be tuned to have similar power delivery and more of it. Nothing else I'm aware of that's mainstream and cheap has the gears.

YZ250 has a high first and a low fifth. Great once you're moving, but can take a ton of clutch in the tight stuff. I assume YZ125s are similar, even six-speeds. WR400/426 gives you a low first and a tall fifth, but there's a big gap between first and second. Lots of people recommend a 295 conversion to pull the splits between the WR gears.

The Blaster (other challenges, but an interesting thought anyway) has a super-low first, with the same 1-2 gap percentage as the WR, then 2-5 basically like a YZ.

The KDX has a tree-climbing first and a modest overdrive sixth, with nice even splits in between. Even second is a little lower than YZ250 first. No holes. Always the right gear available. Flexible enough power to be able to pull the wrong gear if you're one off.

I want to ride one. And Thanksgiving is the season for 125s to blow their top ends at Glamis. :lol::):cheers::banghead:

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I have found the KDX first gear to be almost too low at times. Good to have as a bail out gear on really steep climbs or when I get crossed up in some ugly stuff though. Only had my bike in 6th gear a couple of times to make sure it was actually there.:)

I ride most everything in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Good spread in those for everything here, other than the afore mentioned occasional use of first.

Great bikes the KDXs.:lol:

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