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02 125 vs 250 frame size

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I'm thinking about a motor swap in an '02 chassis. Lighter is better, but fitting me so I can ride it well is even more important. Looking at specs, the listed dry weight of a 250 is about 20 lb more than a 125. The rear tire is bigger, the engine/trans/pipe are bigger. There is a little larger and lower engine cradle in the frame. I'm thinking that if I ran 125 size tires and if they had the same engine, most of the weight difference would be neutralized.

That said, it comes down to which one fits me better. The 250 is listed as having a one-inch longer wheelbase. I'm 6'4", and a larger cockpit (distance from pegs to triples) is very important. In other brands, there is no difference. Here where the Honda experts are, can anyone tell me for sure the differences between the 125 and 250 in that regard?

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