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S3 300 kit?

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I was browsing for trials bike parts just now and came across a listing for a S3 big bore kit for the Scorpa 4T. For those of you that don't know, that's a trials bike with a 250F motor in it. I'm assuming the engine has been modified for trials use, probably cams, ignition timing, and gearing at least. But shouldn't the big bore kit work on a YZ/WR engine? I think I even saw it listed somewhere for YZ WR250s.

The bore is 84MM (They also make 470cc 97mm, and 500cc 100mm kits for 450 guys)

Anyone know more about these? I was going to get a 290 kit but I like the idea of a 300 better! Because bigger = better obviously, and 300 will sit better with my OCD than 290:smirk: S3 makes quality stuff for trials bikes, too so I'd imagine their kit is good to go in that department. I'm guessing it uses a Vertex 84mm piston, but I can't find much info... Actually the whole kit is probably similar to the Vertex 298 kit, but nobody seems to sell those. The only mention I can find is a thread about it on this site from 2006. Is there a reason they stopped making these?

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Yep, that's the one!

I found more info on the S3 website brochure.

http://www.s3parts.com/PDF/catalegS3-web[1].pdf Page 82 (lots of other cool stuff, *drools*)

They don't even have them listed for the Scorpa, but have them listed for the YZ250F, so I guess that settles the compatibility question... Now the real question is is that extra 8cc / 1mm worth the extra $200? (US distributors have them listed for $699). Also they say it is completely made by S3, so that also answers the question about the pistons. I know S3 makes quality stuff, I wonder how this would compare to Luke's 290 kit as far as build quality goes?

I kind of doubt it, but has anyone on here tried one of these?

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