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1995 Honda XR250 Timing Chain Replacement

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Hey guys, recently i have decided to do the timing chain on my xr250. The top end was making some pretty hectic noise and the valves are adjusted to spec so that isn't the problem, i have diagnosed it as the timing chain slapping around. What am i looking for when doing the timing chain? I know i need the chain itself, valve cover gasket, clutch cover gasket, and oil filter, and i plan to do the clutch while i'm in there. Is there anything else that i am missing? and is there anything else i should check, i know i need to check the cam surfaces and the rockers. The bike has great compression and runs like a clock, just has chatter in the top end. I'm going to have to get a manual i know to take this job on, but with it it should be pretty straight forward. If anyone has done a timing chain on this bike before let me know please, thanks guys!


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