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Arm pump

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Let me first start off with a little background..

Im 37 ive been ridding since i was 15 both mx and singletrack.

Currently own a yz 125/144.

Went ridding this weekend at Sam Houston and after about 20 mins i had arm pump so bad i had to drop behind everyone and play catch up.

After 20 miles or so we took a brake for 30 mins.Felt good ready to go.

About 20 mins. in again arm pump city this time i tried to ride through it,and it got to the point where i couldnt feel my hands anymore they were asleep.

Is my bike a causing factor in this?I have noticed that my throttle is very "touchy".The bike pulls great and i don't have to beet the clutch all day.

This is my second ride on this bike and the first ride i got pump but i don't remember it being this bad.

Now my bike is an 06 with rubber bar mounts and renthals.

Is there anything i can do or should i look for an easier bike to ride?

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Few Questions/Answers

Are the sleeves to your jersey tight around your wrists ??

**if so , cut them to relieve the blood pressure build up in your arms , as this does become a factor and was a major problem i had until i did this **

Are you a Coffee or soda drinker before/during rides ?

**this will attribute to higher blood pressure and causing arm pump**

Are your grips larger in diameter than before or on another bike ??

**if so the larger grips will cause you to squeeze harder and can cause arm pump**(try to hold on to a broom handle loosely , then try the same thing on a full Gatorade bottle from around the sides *holding it like a grip* you will find your arm muscles flex more holding the bottle than the handle , this is why larger grips can cause arm pump)

Is your suspension MX/Stock and you are riding Off-Road ???

**If so , this can cause arm pump because with the stiffer suspension you will feel every little hit from off-road and it will again cause you to grip tighter as you brace for the roughness**

There are several common factors to arm pump ranging from bike setup to health issues , improper diet , conditioning , riding style , there are a number of remedy's that work well and some sort of work and some cant be corrected without surgery

YOU can

Eat Bananas before a ride , it contains Potassium and that will aid in arm pump

You can drink V8 juice , there is one flavor of it (forget which one just read the labels it will be like 3500 for potassium)that has 10 times the potassium that a banana has

I always take 4 Bayer (or generic) Aspirin before i ride (usually within a hour of the ride) weather i am at the MX track or trail riding , this significantly lowers your chances of arm pump and wont hurt you , though it does slightly thin the blood , but that is what helps lower your blood pressure , which lowers your chances of getting arm pump

Do not do weight lifting (specifically curls and exercises to work your forearms as this is a large contributor to arm pump)

These are just some of the things that you can do , or in combination with each other to help get rid of arm pump , i used to get it so bad that my hands would curl up into a ball and hurt like hell from the cramping , basically riding more , diet and the aspirin , as well as trying to relax my grip have all contributed to getting rid of it , though it still happens once in a great while , it is now not as severe and once i have it once on a ride (usually at the beginning if its really rough) then i wont get it again for the remainder of the ride time for that day

Hope that helps some !

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