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94 jr50

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Lookin for ANYONE with knowledge of the suzuki jr50?! Having inconsistent, but not constant problem with 1/2 to full throttle.....rpms just cut out. Bike had carb worked when I bought it and it had this problem from the beginning (just not all the time or I would have taken it back).. Then the more we used it the less problems. (Sometimes the longer I let it warm up the less it would experience this problem). It got to the point where it ran great all the time. I recently did some mods to it. (Milled the head, changed sprockets, changed fork springs, cleaned it up alot, new piston, pin, clips, bearing, and rings, gaskets etc.) and it is experiencing the 1/2 to full throttle bog down again...only this time I can't seem to get it running good at all.

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