WR400 or wr426 is this the bike for me?

Hello, this is my first post on this forum. Well I am going to purchase my first motorcycle. I have never rode a bike before, so I am completely new to bikes. All of my friends have dirt bikes and I will be buying one soon. I will be doing trail riding, Desert riding, and climbing lots of hills. I live in Southern California. I am 25 years old and weigh roughly 230lbs. I would like to pay no more then 3,000-3,500 for a bike. What bike do you guys think that I should get? I would like something that I won't grow out of but that I wont just kill myself on either. Thanks in Advance!!

Look at the WR 250. You can find a used one in your price range. With minor mods, this motor flat rips. (I weigh 200) You may find it a little more manageable for learning on, it will be plenty of bike for you for at least two years, then you may feel ready to move up to a big bore.

Get one that is already decked out, in the used market the goodies are much cheaper than buying a new bike and trying to do the same! You want YZ timing, a good pipe, some good bars/handguards... The YZ seat and tank are also nice.

Happy hunting!

I'd buy a WR426 and leave the exhaust insert in. It should mellow the bike out a lot and make it very rideable. If you find one that still has the throttle stop you could leave that as well.

When you're ready, take it out, YZ time it, jet it correctly, etc. and you'll have a ripping bike.

The main thing is just learning to start the bike. Once you have that down, you're set.

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