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Maryland what tracks around here have a decent pitbike/mini track?

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hey everyone, ive been off my bikes for awhile, and had sold most of them off besides my klx110. ive been riding it around my backyard track and have that mx fever again.....oh no!

anyways, currently this is the only bike left in my arsenal:bonk:, and even though its not much im a big fan of the pitbikes so i wouldnt mind taking it out to the track for a couple laps this weekened. my question is, do any of the local tracks (im located in annapolis, so local to me is withing an hour and a half, 2 hours....) anyways, the only way the trip would really be worth it for me is if they had a semi nice setup for the mini's or pitbikes. so anybody know how the landing mx's mini track is looking, or blue diamond? i would like to have a good sized couple of sets to keep rythm on if possible, and last time i was at the landing there mini track was excellent, and the best maintained.

so can someone help me out and point me in the right direction, where should i go so i can still atleast get out there and have a good time and get a little bit of arm pump going on!!!!!

btw, im riding a stocker 110 with big bars and 4th gear drum, so that should give ou a general idea of what im looking for..i am one of tose fools to take this little machine pretty big though!!!

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