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2012 for Offroad

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Anybody running the 2012 kx450s offroad yet? Like for desert or GPs? What kinda mods are you running and how do you like it?

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I have a new '11 set-up for off-road. It's not all that different from the '12, at least in terms of what's needed for off-road.

- Suspension (revalved/sprung). The stock suspension is a bit scary off-road, at speed.

- O-ring chain

- 14/48 for high-speed stuff. 14/50 for tighter stuff like GPs, motocross

- BRP chain guide (must have!)

- Be ready to change the stock chain slide soon (get a TM Designworks if you want one to last)

- IMS 2.7 gallon tank (you hardly notice it!)

- IMS pro series footpegs (stock ones are weak)

- Acerbis skid plate

- Hinson clutch cover

- GPR stabilizer (Scott's will do)

- Burn up the stock tires and switch to the 603/604 (harder compound). I still like a 110 on the rear though and I'd switch to a 80 front tire. Not sure why they come with a 90.

- Bridgestone heavy-duty tubes

- Hand guards (I run the Acerbis Uniko)

- I'm running the new FMF 4.1 RCT w/ Megabomb header, but for high-speed stuff, I'd recommend the Powerbomb for more mid to top

- I have a remapped ECU from Kawaski off-road. It mellows the bottom, changes the advance a bit and has more mid to top. The power delivery is very linear, but I like having the bottom mellowed out a bit for single-track. It's a little lean and I have to run a 50/50 mixture of race gas & pump gas, otherwise it can detonate under a heavy load.

My KX450 is the best bike I've ever owned. Even after setting it up for off-road, I don't notice much of a difference. The weight difference isn't that much. The larger tank is incredibly slim. It's such an awesome all-around bike. I don't change a thing except gearing when I go to the track or ride tight single-track.

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