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SM Odometer Query

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Hi all, im looking at buying a 2009 SM with 7700(km or miles??) and have read (on the ever so reliable internet) that the odometer may be in miles not kms even tho the speedo reads in kms and is switchable to miles. Reason I ask: I dont want the person selling the bike to rip me off when it has travelled 1.6 times further. It also upsets the service interval too.

Im in NZ and we get a lot of import vehicles so could be from anywhere!

Can anyone enlighten me? I am a DRZ noob but got to start somewhere.


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Does the speedo unit have a "select" button?

If it does, the speedo can be switched between miles and kilometres.

If it doesn't, the speedo can't be switched between the two.

UK and US bikes will have odometers in miles, everywhere else will have km clocks.

I thought it was only the UK and US clocks that were switchable, and if that's the case then a "select" button means the odometer is in miles, no "select" button means it's all kilometres.

If all else fails, watching the trip counter on a test ride round the block would tell you if it's miles or km. No point walking away from a good one if you're gonna walk away from the next for the same reason!

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