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9th or 10th digit

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mate just bought a rm 250 for a bit of winter fun bit of an impulse buy not knowing a great deal about them, was told it's a 2000 model but want to comfirm it so what digit is it on the frame?

Also it's completly stock like with no mods what are these bikes like as I think worst case it's a 1999 but anybody got any infpo on them in what goes wrong on them please.

I've read that the clutches can some times be bad like but I don't know

Also the power valve seems really poor to kick in when cold but after 5 min of riding feels better like what could be the problem? I was thinking new reeds would sort it but can the power valve system be renewed or adjusted.

well hope i didnt witter on and hopfully somebody may be able to help



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I think it is the 10th digit.....should be a "y".....I think....

I wouldn't ride the bike, hard, without a thorough inspection....you are asking for trouble.

The clutch , is nothing more than taking off the brake pedal....and the (6) 8mm bolts for the access cover........pop it off and look for grooved basket...warped/burned plates.

Grease steering head bearings, both axles , and swing arm and linkage.

Then torque it to specs. Also check the spokes ...for tightness.

The engine..........I would take off pipe and look up inside the exhaust port...and check the piston for wear ...visually. If it looks new....and the rings look good...then keep using it !!! If it is scorched/burned/ then take break the motor down further.

Next , I would take off subframe...and clean out the airbox...check air filter for holes/rot.... Take off carb...and reed cage.....and inspect the intake side of the piston visually.

Good luck

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It is the 10th dig, but if your over in UK the numbers may be different. I think the bikes built for non-us models had different series of numbers? I may be way off basis tho so don't quote me on that.

Like Hanky said, grease all the bearings or replace if needed. Pop cylinder off to inspect and clean the PV, check the reeds for cracks or wear. Clean the carb and air filter. Slap a new plug in it. Ride the hell out of it and enjoy!!

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