New Thumper.......................Sherco


Lookin good.... :)

Check the Exotics discussion group for a thread on this bike.

Still a few months before we should see it.

I've got one on order.


I hope the fuel injection works good and the Japs catch on soon thereafter. :)

Me too. Trying to find out the following about the bike:

* availability of a 3.0+ gal. fuel tank.

* availability of hand guards. Controls are AJP. Suspect that Acerbis may end up making some?

* is the rear brake wired for the brake light stock.

* top speed stock (would like it to be close to 100mph).

* oil capacity

Would love to see pictures/video of the production model in action when it is ready.

Just put together an '04 2.9 tonight--sweet!!!


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