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2006 crf250r mods

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2006 crf250r 50-90 degree F 900ft elevation

current jetting:



45 leak

OEM needle

pilot screw 2 turns out

here is the thing. i had this bike jetted great befor i removed the screen and added pipe. i had my AP arm wired together and the leak jet was dropped to a 45 to get rid of the bog. no after adding a pipe changing the filter and removing the screen i have had a slight bog when its colder and get on it real fast. it doesnt have to be cold just when its hot it seems to get better. i wanna get this bike jetted correctly and not go too lean and blow it up.so here are my mods. note that it had the piston and race gas and ported head when i jetted it first. the pipe and backfire screen removal and cam are the only real mods that have been donesince last jetting. i dont think it is too lean because it does not have an excessive back fire but it could be. any input? What effect should each mod have on my jetting?

FMF4.1 Dual carbon fiber w/mega bomb header.

removed backfire screen.

13.5 wiseco piston runing c12 race gas

twin air filter

ported (and polished exhaust) head

Hot Cam st. 1 gs cam

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