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2011/12 Model has at 7 clutch changes, plates, springs, basket and more

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I was starting to swap parts from 08 to 11 RMZ and noticed the aftermarket basket/gear from my 08 didnt fit my 11, this could be the gear on the back so i might be able to salvage the aftermarket basket, but i dont want to pull of 11 idler gear, put on 08 basket and then it doesnt work

Then i started inspecting online part numbers and though i didnt finish all the inspection, i noticed these different part numbers


Fiber Plates


Push Piece

Additional Clutch washer

Clutch Release

Anyone know waht is the differnece from 08 plates Vs 11 11? Anyone have 11 microfishe? anyone try 08 basket in 11 with 11 idler gear? thanks!

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