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rich jetting

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Today was the first day i had a chance to go do some real riding, not just backyard riding since i jetted jetted my 06 crf250x, 05 r cam, 07 r head, 08 r piston. I started with 42 pilot, 145 main, 55 leak, clip #2 from top jd needle. It had alot of bogging but did hit hard in the middle, if you rolled the throttle on too quick in 3rd or 4th at low rpm's it would bog.

I listed my jetting that i settled for on here a while back and got some responses that i was way too rich or had a air leak. I know i don't have a air leak but i have not had a chance to check the valves if that makes a differance.

My jettins is 50 pilot, 2 turns out fuel screw, #5 from the top jd needle, 185 main. It may not hit quite as hard in the middle but i love the way it runs. You can open the throttle wide open as fast as you want in 3rd or 4th gear or any gear just above idle and it will not bog, it just torques out of the hole and has a nice hit in the middle with excellant topend. It has such a deep and good sounding gral. In first or second it is instant wheelie if you twist the throttle over 1/4 way but smooth off the bottom. Even with the motor hot when i hit the start button without pulling in the hot start the motor just fires up without the starter even having to spin the motor, the first sound is the motor running. My friend was on a 2007 yz250f, his had a higher pitched sound while mine was much deeper (defuser removed) he even said how good it sounded and ran.

Last year i had a 2010 crf250r and i had to sell it because my hip is so bad i can't crank a kick start (new hip next year). My motor reminded me so much of my 2010 today it just didn't have the the pipieness of the 2010 with the timing advanced.

If anybody have the time and fill like trying a big main jet like a 185 to see what it woud do for thier 250r or x with a r cam and airbox opened i would like to hear what it did. Good or bad.

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