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99 cr125 stuff!!

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i am having no luck selling anything localy...not to much of a demand in canadaland here...

i have a 99 that broke a case, costs way to much to fix it up here, and iv alreard let some of my buddies here figh over some select parts for other year cr125's 250's

my 96 cr250 project is in some need of funds, i cant ride it with how it is right now, and i dont want to tap into the bank acount...

so, what do i have?

main parts.

v-force 3 reeds and reed block(brand new, used for one ride!!! comes with extra reed palets.

front forks,perfect condition, seals not leaking and fresh oil

rear shock, as well in awesome condition, no leaks. fresh oil

rims, both front and back, good condition, new wheels bearings, and seals in the front, rear needs a new retainer ring and seals.


sub frame

fmf gold sears header, i think its a gnarly

seat,no rips, tears ext.

alot of motor parks, clutch basket,gears, trani gears, yada yada yada. both center cases are fine, its only the right case that cracked.

wisco crank

cylinder has a chip out of the plating, head is perectly fine last i remembered.

air box..

BRAND new rad. went one one ride with it...awesome shap.

i think you guys get the point... if you know anyone that needs anything, or need something your self. give me an offer for what you need. ill clean everything to perfction,pack and ship it to you.

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its kind of raped to be a "hole bike"

quite a few big parts missing. some of my biddies needed stuff, and i took a few things for my 96 off of it.

brake calipers are gone, front master cyl. is gone,bolts and probebly a hole wack load o other stuff more then likly.

make me an offer???

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