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ProAction suspension test.

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Sorry some of these vids are long winded! I just turn the camera on and ride! I'm on my RM250 today and just had the suspension reworked for high speed desert. I was finally able to keep a leash on the 450F rider ahead! I'm not quite up to speed yet because I was on standby at work for almost three weeks. If I'm off my bikes for more than a couple of weeks I start to lose my edge. I'm not as young as used to be either!

I'll post some vids next time on my KX500AF! You won't see the 450F rider in those vids because my camera faces forward!

We saw a red flag on this run at 4:40 and thought someone was trying to slow us down for something? Nothing there.



At 1:20 Rob starts waving his hands around? I don't know! He's not religious so I don't think he's blessing the trail!



Something at 3.54 tells me to slow down! Couldn't see it until you were right on top of it! Glad I listened to the voices in my head!



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