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my engine troubles...

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heres how it went...

my "friend" had a 04 klx 110. it started, shifted and ran fine.

one night "he" had a feew beers and decided it was time to set the valves.

he put the crank on tdc.. so he thought.. but never even took the cam cover off:bonk: when he went to start the bike it kicked over and then the kicker felt like it slipped second go around. loong story short the head came off and was gone through, no damaged parts as suspected... when it was reinstalled particular attention was paid to the CAm and CRAnk positions to get the timing right.

went to start it.... same thing... like no compression or slipping kick sometimes... still no start. what did i do???? i mean he ..

what other parts could have been damaged by setting the valves 180 out? any ideas or suggestions??? .. besides dont drink and wrench ..:lol:

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double check the timing and then check it one more time. If timing is right. Set the valves at .002 intake and .004 exhaust. See what that does.

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