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2004 trx450r bogging

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I am working on a buddies 2004 trx450r. It is 100% stock. He bought the quad a few months ago and has ridden it a lot with no issues. It has had regular maintenance. This last time out, every once in a while it would bog when accelerating quickly. It would gradually slow down to a low speed even when held wide open. If you let go of the throttle and pull in the clutch it would idle normally and then you could stab the throttle again with no issues. It did this a half dozen times or so. It has a new spark plug too. When trying to duplicate it i could keep it at the rev limiter for extended times while riding and have no issues. But only sometimes on quick accelerating would it do this. Any ideas? I don't know if there is any common known issues like this that people may know of.the carb looks good and the accelerator pump is good.

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