CR Brake Routing?

In one of the magazine reviewing the WR 250/426 they talk about modifying the bike to CR style brake routing (inside of the fork leg). I've called White Brothers who sell the Fastline brake cable but it is for YZ only and is said to be an inch longer than the WR cable so it won't work. I've gone aftermarket with the top clamp and have Tag CR High bars so it may compensate a bit of the 1" cable length discrepency.

Has anyone had any experience with this on a WR? Is it worth it? Would the YZ cable work given my current clamp/handlebar setup?

Thanks in advance.

I think you'll find that the WR front brake line is longer than the YZ because it is routed up and over trip counter then behind the light, the YZ goes straight down infront of No. plate.

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