Chaparral Mail Order--Horrible Customer Service BE AWARE

I couldn't agree more. I have a couple of horror stories regarding transactions with them and they are just horrible. I will never buy anything again from Chaparral.

I agree 100%

I "used to" order nearly everything from them ONLY because of their prices!

Everytime I called they asked me if I had a part #. If I didn't they would ask me which page in the cat it was on. They would then thumb thru the same damn catalog as I was holding in my hand. I would ask for black (for example) THEY DIDN"T have it in stock. I would ask for Blue ..........not in stock.........etc.......etc...

If something in my 300$ order was on backorder, they would ship the first part of the order but only if you were willing to pay for the shipping on the backordered thing TOO!!!!!!!!!!


I order nearly 350 bucks worth of stuff and a $5 brake snake is on backorder and they won't ship unless i pay $9 in shipping for it too? &%$#@! :)

Go to your local dealer and get to know them. Talk to the same parts guy each and everytime. (A little brown nosing doesn't hurt)(stop and get a BIGGIE FROSTIE from Wendy's on your way in) :D

My dealer gives me 25% off auto and sometimes overlooks things like oil and tire changes/tubes.

I was 100% against dlrs b4 cuz if you don't know them you get screwed. But take the time to get to know them and you won't regret paying above what you could get it for in a cat . It will be a short lived thing then the disc. comes into play .

In the long run you will be many BONES ahead, and the cust svc will be 1million times as good as some flunky that doesn't know the difference between a MUFFLER BEARING and BLINKER FLUID!!!!!! :D



Nope BOY, That's not THUNDER ridin your butt, It is a whole damn HURRICANE!!!!G4

I don't know many who know about muffler bearings but blinker fluid???c'mon everyone should know that hands down!

Thanks for the info. I was about to place an order with them because of the prices...good to know that they're lame. I hate to say it but maybe the prices are low because they hire idiots and don't pay them much.



Chaparral may have good prices but their customer service is worse than any other business I've dealt with in years.

I ordered over 800.00 worth of gear/parts and they felt the need for me to fax a copy of my credit card to them. I have ordered from them before with no problems. That's why I chose them when placing this rather costly order. They were very rude and unwilling to help me. I have no problem taking my business elsewhere. If you choose to do business with them, BE CAREFUL. I don't think they will be very helpful if you ever have a problem with them. They must not need our business.... :D:)


2001 wr250f Scotts Damper, pro tapers, throttle stop removed, baffle removed, yz timing, dunlop 756's, stock jetting, bars cut 1 1/2 inch each side, bark busters God Bless

I agree..everytime I've called I get some goofball acting like I'm wasting their time. Forget them go some place else. VERY POOR SERVICE at Chaperal. I'm glad somebody else noticed it.

Their service stinks. Needed some Moose clothing gear for a ride coming up in Colorado, call customer service and they guy said he could'nt tell me when my order would be filled. I asked him to check it out and call me back. He said to try calling back later during the week and maybe somebody else could find out for me. Anybody can sell Products, BUT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE IS WHAT WE LIKE WITH COMPETIVE PRICING. I e mailed Moose and they sent me to another dealer and my stuff is on the way already. I would rather pay extra and get treated like a customer, so I'll got to my local dealers from now on.

I have had GREAT luck with Hypersports, and some good luck with Rockymountain MC. Great prices, however, Rockymountain usually doesn't have a lot of stuff in stock, so I would try Hypersports first.


The only thing I use Chapparal for is there catalog. Then I call hypersport in colorado. I've never waited longer than 2 or 3 days for an order and the've always been very courteous and knowledgable.


Yep, service is very important. Rocky Mountain's president even contacted me when there was a problem with an order. It was a small problem, and yet, he showed genuine concern and took care of it pronto. It's hard to beat their prices AND customer service. I also like Dennis at Dr. Dirt and Mo at Westwood Int'l.

I live close to Chaparral and drive by there every day on the way to work. The ONLY time I will EVER use them is for tires they have in stock. Their prices realy arn't that good on anything else. It's been more than once that I've ordered parts from them and they tell me two weeks. Can back in two weeks and they tell me what I ordered is on back order. After every time I order something and it taking a month or more before I go and get a refund I tried something different. I ordered a piston for a YZ125, they said it's had to be ordered so I ordered it from them. Then I ordered it from John Burr Cycles in Fontana, CA (with out a deposit). Two days later I got a call from John Burr, my parts are in. I went and got them from John Burr (the price was better than Chaparral's). I asked where they get there pistons, and they said right from the manufacturer. Two weeks went by, I called Chaparral, they said my piston was backordered, I asked where they get them. They said from the Mfg. So I told them I got one in two days. They said it must have been the last one. So, I called John Burr and ordered another, guess what, I had a piston before the end of the week. I called Chaparral and asked for ther manager, told him what I did, he said he would check it out and told me to call him back. I did and he said they were on back order still (one month gone by). I went back to Chaparral, asked for my money back and have never spent another dime on ordered parts with them. When a company lies to me, stait to my face three times in a row that's Bull **** ! I will NEVER use Chaparral. My guys at John Burr stock more, know what they are talking about, have a good price (racer discount), and I've never waited more than a week for parts. Chaparral: UP YOURS!!!

Chaparral must be slipping - I always had good luck with them.

They do not make you pay for shipping on a back order item - that statement is not correct. Just remind them when you place the order and they will not charge you.

I use them for tires too, and have had no trouble.

However, it is true that thay have spodes for customer orders - if you have no part numbers, then they are completely helpless - if I have no P/N , or if something is not in stock, then I make a decision to go elsewhere. I thin Dennis Kirk is at about the same level.

Maybe they need Jeremy back or something?????????????

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