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FMF shorty fitment

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I recently picked up an 08 RM250 and just bought a FMF shorty for it. It has the stock pipe and it isn't bent out of shape at all but the FMF doesn't bolt up nice. I can force the muffler down after I put in the front bolt and just get the back one in but I am concerned at the way the pipe then sits in the cylinder flange. I have loosened off all the pipe mounts during fitment.

It seems to fit best with only the rear bolt installed on the muffler. The front one seems a fair way out. With only the rear bolt installed there is no unneccessary pressure on the pipe and I was thinking of just leaving it this way with one bolt in the rear mount and put a nut on the end of the bolt to ensure it doesn't come loose.

Has anyone had the same problem? I will try post up some pics to make it clearer.

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