01 or 02 YZ426F?

Hey all, I'm new here, I searched and saw similar posts but couldn't find one that truly answered my question, so here goes;

I have a YZ426F, it has the red hot start button so I think that means it can't be an 00? How do I tell if it's an 01 or 02? I know the serial number should tell me but can't find a key telling me how to figure it out anywhere. What else will tell me which year it is? Thanks for any help

As far as I know, they all had red hot start knobs to differentiate them from the choke. The YZ400F had a hot start plumbed outside the carb, the 426 had a knob on the side of the carb, and all 450's through '09 have handlebar levers.

The tenth character of the VIN number is the year model: "Y" is a 2000, "1" a 2001, "2" a 2002.

Thanks!!! That's exactly what I needed to know. It's an 02 :lol:

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