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07 tc450 good deal?

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A guy I know just bought this 07 tc450 and didn't like it. So, it's up for sale, and he wants to get rid of it.


Obviously the body is in rough shape, but he is kinda pissed off about the whole deal. I've read about some kind of breather filter, and some kind of pipe being necessary aftermarket additions, ad I think I can see the breather filter. What do you guys think? Is it a good deal for what it is?

Here's a picture from facebook:


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I have an 07 TC450 that I set up for the woods; guards, tank, Rekluse, fan, Up-Tite 'Y', electric start, etc. The 2007 had a tendency to break kick starter shafts but there is an upgrade. Looks like some add-ons too; 7602 carb hoses & clutch res cover, front disk cover, rad guards, chain guide and skid plate. If you like having a bike that's a little different from the rest and you want a bike for desert or woods, the price is right, I like mine. I got my 07 in late 08 used for $2800 and was a deal then. I'd pay $1600 for that!


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