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1980 XR250 idle,running, and backfire problems

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So, I finally get it running today and...

its bellowing thick white smoke out of the exhaust pipe, the compressor that fits around the muffler joint where it meets the header is rusted so theres an exhaust leak there, also it is dripping dark black oily soot from the same spot.. it back fires loudly and has trouble holding an idle (note, i dont have an air filter installed in the airbox, ordering it soon, could that be the problem?). I have to force it to idle, i took it for a spin around a parking lot and its just horrid.

I have ordered a ring set, a valve seal set and im going to home depot to pick up something to seal the exhaust.

could those parts ive ordered solve my problem?

how do I get this thing to idle properly?

the engine is timed correctly aswell.

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By the sounds of it, yes. Prolly your rings are way past there service time. As well as the valvetrain. I'd make sure to check the rockers as well as the piston/cylinder bore while it's apart. Goodluck

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