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wondering what my options are

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Checked some other headlight threads, but none covered upgrading this particular headlight.

Sooo, I have the acerbis led vision headlight.




Looks alright in the light, but at night.....it suffers (I know the gopro doesn't do to well at night, but the light honestly is awful at night)



These lights are brighter than my damn headlight..


I knew it wouldn't be very good at night (two 20w bulbs/not DOT approved--and one's burned out:foul:) However, I don't really ride at night, but when I close at the golf course I am forced to ride home at dusk/night. Now obviously I could buy a new headlight or put the old one back on, but I was just wondering if I could get brighter bulbs for it? I don't want to melt the plastic headlight stuff and i dont know if that headlight could support a higher wattage bulb.

From a website: Material: Nylon and Polypropylene Transparent light protection in polycarbonate

Soooooo, anyone know?:lol:

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do like everyone else and slap a poorly done HID kit in it so you're blinding drivers coming right at you ?

no really, there are a few people that have done it right. were it me i'd go LED. as in, ripped out of a crashed high-end car and hacked into whatever fixture you like. 20W of led power = flamethrower.

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