wr450 for fun bike

thinking of getting rid of the drz400e and doing something diff,is the 450 to much for being just a play bike,riding some woods and dirt tracks with my sons

Its way more than the DRZ. But if you feel that it is too much you can restrict very easily. I just got mine ( my first yamaha after a kawi, 2 suzukis and a honda) and I absolutely love it. :)

Fun?? Everytime I ride mine I come home with one of these: :):D :D :D :D :D

If'n you plan on doing all your playin on that nice green lawn that your wife is so proud of, then I can say without hesitation, YES, it is too much bike.

Oh, wait, that was my lawn...

Never mind, get the 450!

I recommend the WR250 for playing around and fun. Some guys race faster on them. The 450 has way too much arm ripping power for laid back riding. She can wear you out if you let her. I ride at half throttle and under in the woods on her. I can't open her up until the trail widens. The WR450 is no fun trail riding DRZ400. It is a pure hard riding trails only bike. :)

I put around on mine with my wife and kids and it doese great. 1st and 2nd gear work great for slow speed trails and woods. Then when you go ride with the guys you well have more then engough power and torque to have fun :).

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