2008 yamaha WR 450 starter clutch replacement

Got a bit of a problem with a buddys 08 Yamaha WR 450 . He was out on a trail ride a few weeks ago and flopped the bike over. Flooded the motor no dought and up righted the bike and tried to fire it off. He said the piston felt like it hydraliced and his starter seized. He then stuck the bike in gear,tugged on it backward and got the piston or starter to free up and then went to refire the bike and the starter just made some really nasty noise. Squealling and clunking. Got the bike lit off via the kick starter, but the E-button start just makes funky noises. Talked to a few folks and they say this is really common on the quads and that the starter clutch takes a dump. bought new starter clutch parts but not sure on the procedure to R&R the clutch pieces. Dont have a manual and cant find any video on YOUTUBE ?

Anybody have experience in doing minor surgery on the WR starter clutch ?


You have to remove the shifter, left case guard, starter damper cover, damper (there is one case cover bolt under here), left crankcase cover and flywheel rotor (you'll need a flywheel puller). The starter clutch is bolted through and to the back of the rotor :lol:

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